Chairman's Statement

All industry peers,

Since its establishment in 2010, Tongda Hong Tai has been tremendously supported and assisted by local and overseas staff, and its business has grown rapidly. Leveraging on its outstanding manufacture solutions of notebook and tablet casings, and with the breakthrough of expertise such as design and manufacture of plastic and ironware tooling technology, plastic injection moulding, ironware stamping, surface decoration and component assembly and its experience, the Group can, through multiple angles and directions, integrate lengthy and complex production processes into a unified production process, which lower production cost as well as enhance efficiency and production capacity. These “one-stop” production solutions are welcomed by various customers.

The main reason for Tongda Hong Tai’s success is the competitive edges of advanced technology, quality and production gained from the manufacture of notebook and tablet casings. Looking ahead, the Group will seize more opportunities and gain more room for development. We will continue to improve our product quality, production, operation, research and technology, as well as achieve a more automatic, intelligent and standardised production process to enhance our overall competitiveness and seize future opportunities.

With our sense of responsibility and gratitude, we hereby express our most sincere appreciations to our customers, shareholders, staff and all the individuals who care and support our growth. The success of the Group has been achieved through your support and care.

Tongda Hong Tai Holdings Limited
Wang Ya Nan